Alejandro is a student at Northern Arizona University studying Creative, Media, and Film. His concentration is set on documentary studies and hopes to influence positive social change. His work also surrounds Native American culture and he plans to do future projects relating to language preservation.



Kristina Casto

1909269_10205194514244627_8044425555407823150_o-2Kristina Casto is studying Creative Media and Film with an emphasis in Filmmaking at Northern Arizona University. Her interest in film began with making short skits with her brother. By eleven, she was directing nonsensical films starring her younger sister. She attended high school in the small hamlet of Heber, Arizona where she met her best friend and started a YouTube channel. Although “Bosh Kraken Productions” was short lived, it stirred her passion for film. Initially she started university with an Elementary Education major, but she saw the light after taking her first CMF class as a Sophomore, and the rest is history.