Production Meeting (2/23)


In this weeks production meeting, we met at the library again. We discussed what we needed to have accomplished by Monday: a script for Project One with exact quotes, facts, and figures, as well as a solid idea of what we want to do with our Avant-Garde film for Project Two. Sadly, our contact at the library’s tech desk fractured his wrist, so our first order of business was figuring out how to move forward. Alejandro was able to talk to the woman who was working at the tech desk while we were there, and she was able to do an audio interview on the spot. At the end of the interview, we got her name and contact information in case we need anything other information or a followup interview. At the end of the meeting we decided that I (Kristina) would type up a transcription of the interview, and Alejandro would work on the script. Our meeting lasted a total of about an hour-and-a-half. I think this meeting was productive and instrumental in propelling us forward in Project One.


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