This Week (2/20-2/26)

This week I attended our weekly meeting which lasted about an hour and a half. We discussed Project One and Project Two briefly, and we were luckily able to get an interview with someone at the Tech Desk despite some major setbacks. I helped come up with the interview questions, and during the interview, I recorded the audio. Later in the week, I spent about two hours transcribing the audio from the interview. I watched a short avant-garde film called Meshes in the Afternoon in an attempt to better understand the avant-garde genre and prepare from Project Two. In addition to that, I wrote up our Production Meeting blog post, as well as my individual posts. Aside from that, I spent time watching television, listened to a podcast, and watched a movie that was suggested to me by a previous professor, which I think has been beneficial to my understanding of different types of film and filmaking techniques. This will be especially useful when we go into Project Two with the intention of exploring alternative filmaking.


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