Project 1 Audio/Editing

For this project, I would like to incorporate some natural sound design. The printers have a unique sound that should be included in the audio of this project. I also plan on taking key sound bites from our audio interview we did with Mikayla from the Tech Desk. She gave us a lot of good information that will be instrumental in the “How to” aspect of this video. We were also able to interview someone who frequently uses the Maker Lab to 3D print figures for Dungeons and Dragons. I will definitely include key parts of his interview as well to give it a well-rounded feeling. This will also be a good way of showing who can use the Maker Lab, and open up new pathways and ideas of how it can be used.

For music, I would like to include this beautiful and simple piano instrumental by Kai Engel. His music is featured on, so I won’t have to worry about copyright infringement. I see this particular song being a great finishing touch to the sound design of the video as a whole. I especially like the last bit of the song where it picks up in tempo. I think that section will be perfect for the time lapsed video. I feel that the name of the song “Idea” also captures the essence of the Maker Lab itself.

As far as editing goes, I’m not going to be doing anything outside of the norm. Because this video’s main purpose is to inform, I don’t want the editing (or the sound) to become a distraction to viewers. I will be sticking with simple cuts that are logical, as well as smooth. I will underlay interview audio beneath complementing visuals to avoid having three minutes of a talking head. I will also speed up one of our longer clips of an object being printed so that it becomes like a time lapse, and people can see for themselves, the process. I will include a screen grab of how to submit a 3D print request, so that the audio is visually reinforced.


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