Production Meeting (3/8)

Meeting (3-8-17)

In this week’s production meeting we discussed both Project 1 and Project 2. Initially we were planning on trying an Avant-Garde film for Project 2, however, Alejandro came up with an idea for a documentary film. This documentary will revolve around one of his friends and her struggle to find her cultural identity. We are both excited about this project, and we talked about some of the things we will need to start working on in the upcoming weeks.

We also made a plan for finishing Project 1, which is the video we are doing about the Maker Lab. After we received feedback on Monday night for our rough cut, we decided to once again change direction. Alejandro is in charge of setting up a follow up interview with Mikayla after Spring Break, finding a third person to interview, and writing up a brief Project 2 proposal. I am in charge of getting all of our paperwork in order, as well as writing a new Project 1 script that reflects the changes we will be making for the final cut of this video.

Overall, I think it was a productive meeting. We both have a lot of work to do before the final video is due, but hopefully this meeting will help us both stay on track and get everything done on time.


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