YouTube Animation

It’s easy to forget all of the great things you can find on YouTube. I used to spend a lot of time finding new YouTubers and watching all of their videos, but there was a long stretch of time where I was only using it to watch music videos or trailers for new movies. I recently rediscovered How It Should Have Ended (HISHE). This is an animation channel that re-imagines popular movies. Despite the name of their channel, not every video is an alternate ending.

They have been making videos for 10 years, which is super cool and also crazy because I forget that YouTube has been around for that long. They’ve also started featuring videos from other movie related animation channels on their channel. It’s a cool way of finding other channels you might enjoy. They also have a HISHE channel specifically for kids, although they haven’t updated that channel in quite a while. Their videos are fun to watch and inventive. I think one of my favorite HISHE videos is the one they did for Jurassic World, so I included the video below. I highly recommend checking out some of their other videos.

Another YouTube channel I found because a friend recommended it to me is The Odd 1s Out. Each video is essentially an animated version of events unfolding as James narrates. Some of the stories he’s told include, working in a haunted house, plagiarizing, being in boy scouts, and a whole lot more. He summarizes these stories in a way that it is really engaging, and he includes awkward pauses that are great. Despite the animation being fairly simple looking, he is able to capture an array of emotions and body language in all of his characters. One of my favorite videos he has done is “Work Stories (Sooubway),” which I have included. He has done two additional “Sooubway” videos that are both just as funny as this one.

In addition to his YouTube videos, James does a comic series that’s very entertaining, so I included one of his comics as well.



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