Last Minute Productions is a small production company that was co-founded in January of 2017 by Alejandro Higuera and Kristina Casto. With their unique talents and interests, their goal is to create original content that is not only high quality, but meaningful as well.

Alejandro has always been a fan of documentary film. He grew up listening to his Dad’s about growing up so ever since then he has been a fan of spoken word. He also loved the VH1 series “Behind the Music”. Even though he is still building his skills as a videographer, his drive to create an unforgettable story is his mission. ┬áHis is currently working on a few projects surrounding indigenous culture.

Kristina has always had a deep love for fiction regardless of medium. She loves it all: books, television, movies, radio. More importantly, she has an interest in people and the stories they tell.

Still new to the filmmaking scene, her experience is mostly limited to the short projects she has worked on for classes at NAU. However, she has used it as an opportunity to explore genres and behind the scenes jobs. Some of her projects include “XA,” a short documentary about one of the student leaders at Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, “Unnerved,” a horror short about a girl’s paranoia after watching a scary movie, and “Void,” a visual slam poem about depression. Although her strength is in editing, Kristina has taken on the role of director, cinematographer, sound recorder, as well as actress in a few of her peers’ short films.