Working Script for project 2


Here is a rough script that I have been working on for project 2.  Since we are trying to go for a Avant Garde shooting style some of the content/shots are subject to change. Avant-Garde revolves around experimental shooting and a lot of expressionistic shots. The definitions vary from person to person so I may have another professor who specializes in Avant-Garde look over it. I feel this project will be very fun.



This is the Makerlab interview with Mikayla that was transcribed by Kristina. Mikayla gave us a lot of good information, which drove the interview



This weekend I viewed Jordan Peele’s  Thriller/Horror Get Out.  This movie, I feel, is a different kind of horror film. A horror film that brings to light racial issues that still affects many to this day. This film has never been before because it combines some comedy, horror, and thriller in a very unique way. Thats why this movie was really impactful because its not something we see over and over and over.  It’s about a interracial couple who are going to visit the girlfriends parents for the weekend and weird things began to unfold. This movie revolves around race and how race still affects how we interact with someone of another race.

Shooting 3/3

Friday 3/3 We recorded in the Cline library for our video portion.  Since it was the first day of shooting we needed everything from exterior and interior shots. We were fortune enough to get a lot of footage of the Makerlab hard at work. We got a lot of shots from different angles and and sound bites of prints being made. We also were able to interview some students who use it for game play and for practical pieces. We weren’t able to interview Mikayla again like we wanted but overall I was happy with the shots and interviews done. I feel visually it will be strong and I trust Kristina will make a very strong and informative rough edit. To be honest, this project has been difficult and stressful because of scheduling but this day alone raised my attitude about the project.

Meshes of the Afternoon

Maya Deren (1943)

I’m taking a class that is structured around  Avant-Garde filmmakers and this is one of the films we viewed. Even though the definition of Avant-Garde often changes the general idea is that it’s experimental film making. The films we’ve watched do not have linear editing and generally have angles and concepts that are not seen in mainstream film. The idea behind this kind of filmmaking is all expressionism. I think it’s refreshing to see films that were made nearly 75 years ago still able to turn heads. This film in particular has very puzzling and eerie undertones but is still aesthetically pleasing.


Last night I saw Split, which has had gotten a lot of praise from people who have seen it. It is psychological thriller starring James Mcavoy.  The premise is about a man with multiple personalities who kidnaps three young girls and holds them captive in seller.  The film was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who has done some other fantastic films; SIGNS (2002), Unbreakable (2000). 

I like the psychological thrillers and this one stood out from most. With most movies I can usually predict what happens, but with Split I had no idea what was coming next. I thought it was very well done. I thought James Mcavoy did an outstanding job! I feel this movie really showcased his acting ability. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.



Alejandro is a student at Northern Arizona University studying Creative, Media, and Film. His concentration is set on documentary studies and hopes to influence positive social change. His work also surrounds Native American culture and he plans to do future projects relating to language preservation.