This Week (3/6-3/12)

This week I downloaded all of the necessary paperwork that needs to be accomplished for our project, and started working on some of it. I also posted a couple of blog posts discussing our sound design or the video, pictures of the location, and a couple of clips from our shoot. I also got started on a revised script, although I can’t really do much with it until we get the rest of our interviews. Because this week was midterms and next week is Spring Break, we didn’t accomplish very much on this project. The week we get back from Spring Break will be a hectic one as we work out our final version of the Maker Lab video.


This Week (2/27-3/5)

The beginning of the week was a little slow. I had already transcribed the interview, and Alejandro had offered to rewrite the script for Project 1. He set up a filming day for Friday (3/3). I didn’t have a lot of responsibility that day aside from offering suggestions about different shots, and offering some assistance in interviewing someone in the Maker Lab. The weekend was a bit busier. I spent Saturday in the computer lab putting together a rough cut of our project. Incorporating sound bites from our initial interview with Mikayla, footage we had shot the previous day, a music track, and the impromptu interview we got of Atticus (someone who uses the Maker Lab). I tried to make it informative as well as interesting, but I knew it still had work to be done. After receiving feedback, we’re going to try to re-interview Mikayla to get better audio, clearer information, and a more personalized approach to the Maker Lab like we were able to accomplish with Atticus’s interview. We’re also going to film the interview itself so we have a face to go with the voice.

This Week (2/20-2/26)

This week I attended our weekly meeting which lasted about an hour and a half. We discussed Project One and Project Two briefly, and we were luckily able to get an interview with someone at the Tech Desk despite some major setbacks. I helped come up with the interview questions, and during the interview, I recorded the audio. Later in the week, I spent about two hours transcribing the audio from the interview. I watched a short avant-garde film called Meshes in the Afternoon in an attempt to better understand the avant-garde genre and prepare from Project Two. In addition to that, I wrote up our Production Meeting blog post, as well as my individual posts. Aside from that, I spent time watching television, listened to a podcast, and watched a movie that was suggested to me by a previous professor, which I think has been beneficial to my understanding of different types of film and filmaking techniques. This will be especially useful when we go into Project Two with the intention of exploring alternative filmaking.

This Week (2/13-2/19)

This week we didn’t have a production meeting. Initially, we had planned to meet on Thursday, February 16 to film in the library. However, we received an email about getting permission before we did any filming. I got in contact with our professor first, but she redirected me to our librarian liaison who then redirected me to the Assistant Dean. I spoke with the Assistant Dean, gave her details regarding our two promotional films we are going to be making about the Maker Lab, and told her that when we had more concrete dates and times for filming, I would get back in contact with her to gain the necessary clearance. Alejandro was trying to get in contact with our potential Tech Desk interviewee. He wasn’t able to get into contact with him, so we cancelled our meeting for this week. We will be meeting up next week at some point, and hopefully we will be able to get some of our preliminary footage done.

This Week (2/6-2/12)

I did quite a bit this week for our production project. I did our production meeting blog post for this week. I also updated the look book for our final pitch for Project One tomorrow. This involved updating our approach to the project, as it is now two short videos instead of one. I also made sure to include what each video would accomplish. There was also the issue of ensuring that the differences between our project and the project that Film Box Features is also doing on the Maker Lab are emphasized.

In our production meeting we discussed ideas for Project Two. After our meeting, I wrote out a short screenplay we could possibly use.